Can Software, AI and Apps be patented?

HØIBERG Patent School - TOPICS

Can Software, AI and Apps be patented? 

HØIBERG Patent School - TOPICS is a free webinar series for anyone interested in knowing more about a specific topic within intellectual property. You will meet with our experts and have the possibility to ask questions. 

This session is perfect for scientists, entrepreneurs, students or anyone interested in a practical seminar on the patentability of Software, AI and Apps. You are very welcome to invite your colleagues.

You will get answers to:

·Can inventions implemented in software be patented?

·What is a computer implemented invention?

·When is an invention technical? 

·Can Apps be patented?

·How about Artificial Intelligence?

·Are there different requirements in different countries?

When: Wednesday February 24th 2021,1 PM- 2PM. 

Where: ONLINE 

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You will meet HØIBERG's patent attorney:

Peter Borg Gaarde, Partner, Head of High-Tech, European Patent Attorney, European Design Attorney, CDPA