Freedom To Operate - how to ensure market access?

Freedom To Operate - how to ensure market access?

HØIBERG Patent School is a free webinar series for anyone interested in knowing more about a patent related topics. You will meet with our experts and have the possibility to pose questions. 

This webinar is perfect for scientists, entrepreneurs, students or anyone interested in a practical seminar on the basics of patents. You are very welcome to invite your colleagues.

You will get answers to:

  • What is Freedon to Operate (FTO)?
  • What is the difference between having a patent and having Freedom to Operate?
  • How to determine Freedom to Operate?
  • Different types of infringement?
  • Different geographic markets?
  • How to ensure market access?

When: Wednesday March 24th, 1 PM- 2 PM (CET)

Where: ONLINE - A link to the webinar will be sent after signing up. Sign up here

You will meet HØIBERG's patent attorneys:

Jens Viktor Nørgaard, Partner, Head of Biotechnology & Plant Sciences, European Patent  Attorney, Copenhagen and Stockholm
Charlotta Dahlborg, Patent Attorney and Business developer, Stockholm

The webinar will be moderated by Vibeke Bay, Patent Attorney, Aarhus